B2B e-commerce made easy

The wait is over. Designed for SAP, not retrofitted as an afterthought.

Single source of truth

Leverage the data directly from your SAP ERP. The days of duplicate data are over. With Nuve, you get a single source of truth. When you update materials, pricing, customers, and transactional data, customers see the latest on Nuve. This real-time information transfer is the result of the native integration with SAP.

Use existing business processes

Solutions that utilize data extracts will bypass your existing logic and require you to develop it, yet again, outside of SAP. Our native integration with SAP ERP uses any current logic necessary for your business processes. Using existing logic means less room for error and less maintenance when making changes to your business processes.

Give the test team a break

Implementing an e-commerce solution is no easy task. Or should we say, used to be no easy task? We leverage modern DevOps to automate testing for Nuve Commerce. We work alongside your team to develop the tests, then let the machine run thousands of iterations and check for problems.

B2B e-commerce that speaks SAP

We understand the complexities of SAP. We designed our e-commerce solution to handle business partners, pricing scales, customer-specific pricing, ship-to restrictions, taxes calculations using your tax engine, scheduling agreements, contracts, and more. This is an advantage that lets us provide a faster deployment without communication gaps. Nuve speaks SAP.


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