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We launched a new website! The new site highlights our updated company focus. It also allows us to share technical tips, lessons learned, and industry knowledge to help you and your enterprise throughout the SAP journey. But you've got work to do, so we'll keep our posts succinct to help you get back to running your business with your new superpowers.

Technical Tips

Sometimes it's the latest and greatest and trickiest. We will share invaluable technical tips that we have found along our journey in developing SAP Cloud Platform applications. Technical tips will mostly focus on ABAP related to creating web services to access your SAP ERP system from a SAPUI5 frontend using OData.

Lessons Learned

Good development is not just about code. It almost always requires a great process. We'll share our lessons learned from the numerous applications we've built to help you avoid repeating any mistakes we caught along the way.

Industry Knowledge

Cloud, low-code/no-code, IoT, AI, ML, serverless, RPA, WTFlip! We'll clear up the helpful from the hype. Let you understand how different technological innovations fit into your business process or don't.

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Originally published October 21, 2020

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