Top 5 Development Headaches and How to Make Your Life Easier

Chances are you have at least one of these pain points in the SAP space. Luckily, we can mitigate or eliminate these issues with modern technology.


Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, and the Future of Enterprise

Modern DevOps relies on spinning up a server in minutes to run automated tests and ensure the code is safe to move to production.


A Practical Guide to DevOps for SAP ERP

We've been applying DevOps for SAP to our product development and couldn't be happier with the results.


SAP Community Blog

We shared our DevOps lessons learned on the SAP Community Blog, and we hope it helps move the practice forward and gains adoption within SAP.


Why Bad Implementations Can Disrupt Budgets Across Fiscal Years

While the value of digital commerce is without question, a bad implementation will compromise your competitive place in the market for years to come.


How Finance Leaders Can Use APIs to Assist With E-Commerce Operations

By reducing the time spent managing software integrations, APIs help finance leaders reduce costs and complexity when building out their e-commerce solutions.


The Actual Cost of a Poor E-commerce Implementation

With digital commerce at the heart of today’s B2B shopping experience, finance leaders should never compromise when choosing their e-commerce platforms


Do Your Customers Need Yet Another Website Login?

As the number of logins increases, authentication creates extra and unnecessary friction for customers. Fortunately, there is a better way to ensure security.


Our Journey with SAP ERP DevOps

The 2006 release of SAP ERP 6.0 predates Docker's initial release by seven years! The two technologies are geared towards different scenarios: think monolithic on-premise server vs. cloud-native microservices. What could be gained by combining the two? Software development teams outside of the SAP ecosystem are years ahead in leveraging DevOps ideas, automated testing/continuous integration, and modern version control tools (i.e., GitHub) to realize tremendous productivity and quality gains. Containerizing ERP would be a considerable step towards accessing these advantages for ABAP development.


Top 3 Reasons Custom Software Projects Fail

TL;DR: Building good software is difficult. Faster, better, cheaper for custom software is a myth. If you want good software, find an existing customizable solution for your business needs.


Headless Architecture

Headless architecture has been around for some time but has picked up popularity recently, particularly in e-commerce, as the number of sales channels customers expect continues to grow. Any technology leader needs to learn the differences in architecture and understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. At the 20,000 foot view, there are three different architecture types.


Digital Tools for Enterprise

Nowadays, all businesses strive to boost productivity, i.e., do more with less. While large companies set performance goals to achieve higher efficiency, smaller companies often require increased efficiency to ensure survival. The limited resources of small companies often force them to optimize various business processes. These optimization efforts can sometimes be chaotic and cause excessive stress on the decision-makers. The plus side is those small businesses get to be more creative with implementing productivity measures. The results of this creativity can be rather rewarding and set the stage to continue on a growth trajectory while running leaner than the competition.


The Future is No-code/Low-code

No-code/Low-code is a technology leap that allows you to create software solutions via a user interface that requires little or no computer programming (hence the name). Instead of programming, it enables a business user to drag and drop visual elements and define rules and constraints to create event-driven applications.


Hello, World!

We launched a new website! The new site highlights our updated company focus. It also allows us to share technical tips, lessons learned, and industry knowledge to help you and your enterprise throughout the SAP journey. But you've got work to do, so we'll keep our posts succinct to help you get back to running your business with your new superpowers.


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